Get off to a flying start in 2023 by improving your German language skills.

  • Practical exercises and videos on various topics!!
  • Exklusive preparation for the telc exam!
  • Learn together with other participants and receive regular feedback from me!

And get courses worth up to 5659 € for from 129 € + bonus material FREE!

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Improve your chances for a great job

by improving your German skills!

What do you get in my courses?

Learning Videos!

In the videos you get explanations with pictures, English subtitles and many examples to a certain topic. Which makes understanding easy.


With audio files you train your listening comprehension. You will also learn new words and expand your vocabulary.

PDF  Worksheets!

The downloadable PDF worksheets will help you to test your knowledge and also give you a brief summary of the topic.


Quizzes after the lessons are a mini-milestone for you, where you can test your learned knowledge and get a direct feedback.

Every Day Dialogs!

In the beginning, you will need phrases and expressions that you can use in everyday life, that you'll find in the everyday dialog videos.

deutsch1 Certificate!

When you finish the course and pass your final test, you will receive a deutsch1 certificate for your hard work! Congratulations!

With my courses you can not only improve your everyday German, but also prepare perfectly for the telc exam!

Find your course,

improving your German skills and get off to a flying start!

What German learners say about my courses

Clara's German courses are detailed but still short and sweet! The worksheets offer a great recap of each topic. I highly recommend her courses!
Ein toller Online-Deutschkurs. Ich arbeite und habe nicht viel Zeit. Hier konnte ich schnell und flexibel Deutsch lernen.
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Kurs. Ich habe schnell gelernt und auch meinen Test bestanden. Jetzt möchte ich mit Deutsch1 weiterlernen!

In ALL my courses you will benefit from:


Videos with subtitles for better understanding!


PDF - Worksheets in each Lesson!


Audios, Pronunciation training, Quizzes, reading comprehension


Modelltest according to telc!

Find your course

and improve your German skills!

This is new and unique in every course! This is how you successfully reach your language goal:

  • Exercises and quizzes for almost every video
  • Bonus material to deepen your German knowledge
  • Homework for a more effective and better learning experience
  • Great community to communicate and learn with
  • Final exam for a perfect preparation
  • Deutsch1 certificate

Individual homework correction + feedback

To give you an even bigger learning curve, after each chapter there are so-called ISLANDS where you can do homework and exchange ideas with me and the other course participants in the comments. Simply because we can achieve more together.

But who am I and why is my feedback so important for you?

I am Clara, your German teacher!

I have been exploring the German language for more than 10 years now and I am always looking for new ways to make learning this language as easy and simple as possible.

My students are all over the world an I couldn't imagine a more beautiful job than that! I want the German language to be not only easy for you to learn, but I also want it to be fun for you!

You probably think that German is my native language ...

... but I also have a migrant background. My students are often surprised when I tell them that I had to learn German myself. Then they always make big eyes and say, "I would never have thought that!"

My family and I emigrated to Germany in 1990. At that time I was still a child. In the beginning, it wasn't easy for us either to find our way in this foreign country. We didn't know the language and the smallest everyday situations, like going shopping or making appointments, were a big challenge for us. Fortunately, I had an easier time with the language as a child. I learned German relatively quickly. My parents didn't find it that easy though, so I taught them German every day after kindergarten by telling them everything I had learned that day. It was already clear in our family at that time that I would become a teacher one day. And so here I am today as a German teacher who already taught German to thousands of people! A great feeling!

deutsch1 deutschlehrerin

Language is the key ...

You feel that the language prevents you from living your life here in Germany the way you really want to.

I know exactly how you feel. It was the same for me and my family. So we quickly realized that it was absolutely essential to master the language quickly in order to really arrive here. And the great thing was that every little effort to speak to people here in German was rewarded over and over again. We suddenly got help from so many people and we built up a very close circle of friends here in just a short time. When it came to official visits, we were suddenly no longer alone, and even when it came to careers, my parents suddenly got offers they would never have dreamed of before. So you can see how important it is to master the German language. But not only because you want to have a good job and friends here, but also for your own self-confidence. You also want to be who you are in your new adopted country without being afraid to speak or ashamed because you can't express yourself the way you want.

What German learners say about my courses

A1 Course

The course for beginners without any knowledge of German to familiarize you with the German language.

Overall value 1100 Euro: 

  • 60 vocabulary & grammar videos (worth: 600 Euro)
  • 10 audios (worth: 50 Euro)
  • 70 Worksheets (worth: 210 Euro)
  • Quizzes
  • Deutsch1 certificate
  • Homework correction (worth: 250 Euro)
  • Bonus offer only valid until {{D}}.{{M}}.{{YYYY}}

A2 Course

For all those who finally want to converse properly in German and really immerse themselves in the German language.

Total value 1198 Euro + BONUSES: 

  • Bonus material (worth: 8 Euro)
  • 60 vocabulary & grammar videos + pronunciation and everyday dialogues (worth: 600 Euro)
  • 23 Audios (worth: 115 Euro)
  • 75 Worksheets (worth: 225 Euro)
  • Quizzes
  • Deutsch1 certificate
  • Homework correction (Wert: 250 Euro)
  • Bonus offer only valid until {{D}}.{{M}}.{{YYYY}}

B1 Course

For all those who finally want to converse properly in German and really immerse themselves in the German language.

Total value 1325 Euro + BONUSES: 

  • 70 Vocabulary & Grammar Videos + Pronunciation and Everyday Dialogues (worth: 700 Euro)
  • 15 Audios (worth: 75 Euro)
  • 80 Worksheets (worth: 240 Euro)
  • Bonus material (worth: 10 Euro)
  • Quizzes
  • Deutsch1 certificat
  • Homework correction (worth: 300 Euro)
  • Bonus offer only valid until {{D}}.{{M}}.{{YYYY}}

B2 Course

For all advanced students who want to become fluent in German to improve their career opportunities.

Total worth 1815 Euro + BONUSES + MODEL TEST + WORKBOOK 

  • 70 vocabulary & grammar videos + pronunciation and everyday dialogues (worth: 700 Euro)
  • 24 Audios (worth: 120 Euro)
  • 6 Exam Preparation Videos (worth: 160 Euro)
  • 80 Worksheets (worth: 240 Euro)
  • Bonus: Language modules workbook (worth: 15 Euro)
  • Bonus: B2 Model test according to telc (worth: 80 Euro)
  • Quizzes
  • Intermediate exam
  • Deutsch1 certificate
  • Homework correction(worth: 500 Euro)
  • Bonus offer only valid until {{D}}.{{M}}.{{YYYY}}


For all who are motivated to learn German and would like to have all courses at once.

Total value 5659 Euro + BONUSES + MODEL TESTS + WORKBOOKS:

  • All courses with over 250 videos (worth: 2600 Euro)
  • over 70 Audios (worth: 360 Euro)
  • over 300 Worksheets (worth: 915 Euro)
  • Bonus material from the courses (worth: 278 Euro)
  • Extra bonus material folder only in Premium package (worth: 180)
  • B1 and B2 language modules workbook (worth: 26 Euro)
  • Homework correction (worth 1300 Euro)
  • All other courses (soon pronunciation and C1) (worth: 1800 Euro)
  • Bonus offer only valid until {{D}}.{{M}}.{{YYYY}}

Frequently asked questions

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  • You will receive an e-mail. There you have to click on "Create password" to log in. Once you have done this, you will be taken directly to your course.
  • The course starts right after your registration/payment and ends only when you cancel your subscription! Or it ends when you want, if you bought the course with a one-time payment. (Attention! Keep in mind that the minimum contract term for a monthly payment is 3 months.)
  • No. If you want to access another course, you need to subscribe to that course. To do this, you can cancel your subscription to the course you have subscribed to currently.
  • To do this, go to your account, select "Access/Course Access" on the left, then click on the three dots (...) on the far right and select "Turn off course emails". Then you will no longer get notifications after the quiz.
  • A basic level of English is helpful when it comes to the vocabulary lists in the PDF worksheets. However, the videos and everything else is in German. So you won't necessarily need English.

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