I am Clara, your German teacher! 

I have been exploring the German language for more than 10 years now and I am always looking for new ways to make learning this language as easy and simple as possible.

My students are all over the world an I couldn't imagine a more beautiful job than that! I want the German language to be not only easy for you to learn, but I also want it to be fun for you!


You probably think that German is my native language ...

but I'm also a foreigner. My students are often surprised when I tell them that I had to learn German myself. Then they always go wide-eyed and say something like, "I would never have thought that!"

My family and I emigrated to Germany after the fall of the Wall. At that time I was still a child. In the beginning, it wasn't easy for us to find our way in this foreign country. We didn't know the language and the smallest everyday situations, like going shopping or making appointments were a big challenge for us. Fortunately, it was easier for me as a child to learn German. I acquired the language quite quickly. My parents didn't find it so easy though, so I taught them German every day after kindergarten by telling them everything I had learned. It was already clear in the family that I would become a teacher one day. And so here I am. A German teacher that has already taught the language to thousands of people! A great feeling!


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Language is the key...

You feel that the language hinders you from living your life here in Germany the way you want to.

I know exactly how you feel. I and my family felt the same way. So we quickly realized that it was absolutely important to master the language quickly in order to really feel at home here. And the great thing was that every little effort to speak to people here in German was rewarded over and over again. We suddenly got help from so many people and we built up a very close circle of friends here in just a short period of time. When it came to official visits, we were suddenly no longer alone, and even when it came to careers, my parents suddenly got offers they would never have dreamed of before. So you see how important it is to master the German language. But not only because you want to have a good job and friends here, but also for your own self-confidence. You want to be who you are in your new home country without being afraid or ashamed because you can't express yourself the way you want.

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How I can help you...

Through my years of professional experience and my work as an examiner, I know what is important when learning German and how I can explain complicated topics to you in a simple way. With my courses, you can not only prepare for important exams, you will also learn relevant things for everyday German at the same time. So that visits to the local offices, conversations and many other everyday situations no longer cause you any anxiety. You will not only receive learning videos on grammar and vocabulary, but also a lot of information and German hacks that will help you to learn.

Once you have mastered the language, you will notice how much easier some things will become. I have experienced it myself.

You deserve to unfold your full potential here in your new home of choice and no language barrier should stand in your way. Together we will remove this obstacle so that you can fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals here in Germany.

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