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The ultimate grammar course for your success:

  • Career Opportunities:

    A solid knowledge of German grammar not only improve your language skills, but will also give you the confidence you need to express yourself clearly and precisely. Whether in a professional environment, in studies or in daily life - grammar skills are, among other things, the key to successful communication.

  • Successful writing and speaking skills:

    With a deep understanding of German grammar, you can not only write error-free texts, but also speak fluently and persuasively. Your messages will be conveyed clearly, leading to better understanding and more successful exchanges.

  • Language skills and competence:

  • A confident know-how of grammar changes how you are perceived by others. Not only are you more confident in your interactions with others, but you also appear more competent in your professional life.

What do you find in the grammar course?

9-step learning process + 2 bonus offers

Use our unique method to master German grammar ! In just 16 chapters you will understand and be able to use aspects of the language. Speak and write like a pro and impress others with your confidence!

Worksheets + Bonus lessons

As an added bonus, you'll receive worksheets for each exercise and there are bonus lessons, too! Perfectly matched, they allow you to learn more easily and effectively. With our bonuses, your learning progress will be greatly accelerated. Turn knowledge into skills!

Great grammar test

The highlight: our comprehensive grammar test! Find out which areas you have mastered and what you can still refine. This test helps you to improve continuously - until you master German grammar perfectly.

Why a good grammar knowledge is so important for you

I speak from experience, as my family and I emigrated to Germany ourselves and we realized that just knowing common words is not enough to achieve certain professional and personal goals here. A solid understanding of German grammar will open many doors for you.

And that's exactly what I want to give you with my grammar course. Because I know that there is a lot more potential in you and your language skills and that you can still achieve a lot here! A strong grammar is just the beginning.

Challenges that arise when you don't get the grammar right

  1. Faulty communication: insecure grammar can lead to misunderstandings and convey your message in a distorted way. This could cause important information to be lost and make communication difficult.
  2. Limited expression: If your grammar is not sound, you might have difficulty expressing complex thoughts and ideas. Your ability to express yourself would be limited.
  3. Doubts about competencies: Unsound grammar could raise doubts about your competence, both in professional and personal contexts. Avoid appearing unprofessional by making grammatical errors.
  4. Limited writing skills: Faulty grammar can make your written texts difficult to understand. Your ability to convey clear and concise messages may suffer.
  5. Limited fluency: insecurity in grammar could cause you to hold back in social situations or professional settings. This could cause you to miss important opportunities.

Increase your skills and confidence!

Even if you already have a good command of German grammar, insecurities may still affect your communication. Maybe you don't understand others or you're just tired of being corrected all the time. With my expertise, I can help you overcome these obstacles and soon communicate effortlessly with others in German.

9 easy steps + 2 bonuses to master German grammar in no time.


Basic sentence structure

How do you form clear and precise sentences in German, taking into account the basics of German sentence structure?


Article Usage

How do you use the different articles (der, die, das) in German and internalize their usage?


The Cases

How do you use the nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive cases correctly and internalize their use?


Verbs and conjugation

How do you conjugate German verbs correctly and use their variety in your communication?


Complex sentence structures

How do you build complex sentences and subordinate clauses in German to form complex sentences?


Prepositions and their use

How do you use prepositions in different contexts to improve your expression?


Tenses and their use

What are the tenses, such as perfect, past perfect, future 1, and future 2, and how do you use them?


The Conjunctive

What is the subjunctive, and how do you form unreal conditional sentences?


The Passive

How do you correctly use the different forms of the passive voice?


Bonus 1: Adjective Declension

How do you use the rules of adjective declension in German to create grammatically correct sentences?


Bonus 2: Test your skills

Test your skills directly with the final test!

BONUS: Worksheets

FREE (worth: 19 €)

With worksheets for each lesson, you receive targeted exercises that make your learning process more effective and thereby deepen your knowledge of grammar.

BONUS: Lessons

FREE (worth: 99 €)

With the additional lessons, you achieve intensive learning success, with the best hacks for mastering German grammar. You can transform your knowledge into skills with them.

Great Grammar Test

FREE (worth: 29 €)

With the grammar test, you can identify your weaknesses and work on them systematically to perfect them. So you can soon speak without errors.

Get the recognition you deserve!

Just like pronunciation, a solid command of grammar is the key to confidence and success. You've already invested a lot of time in learning German; this grammar course will expand your skills so you can correct even the creeping mistakes you keep making!

My mission

My goal is to teach the German language to as many people as possible in a simple, entertaining and engaging way. I am convinced that learning the language as well as a correct pronunciation brings valuable advantages in professional and private life. In addition to increased self-confidence, it also enables one to make contacts quickly and increase career opportunities.

I have been working as a German teacher, examiner and pronunciation trainer for 11 years, and this experience has shown me which methods are the keys to rapid learning success. But for me, it goes far beyond just mastering grammar.

My desire is for you to be able to converse in German with ease and confidence in everyday life and at work. The German language should no longer be an obstacle for you, but a stepping stone to a better life here in Germany.

Let's walk this path together and celebrate your well-deserved success at the end!

Frequently asked questions:

  • For all who want to work on their German pronunciation. For all those who no longer want to be afraid of conversations with others and want to speak an "authentic" German way.
  • There are two payment models - one-time payment and subscription. If you choose the one-time payment, you will have unlimited access to the course for as long as you want. If you decide to subscribe, you have to consider a minimum term of 3 months, after that you can cancel at any time. With the cancellation, your access is then also terminated.
  • After your purchase, you will receive an email with your access information to my protected member area. There you can immediately work through the online course and start implementing what you have learned. If you have already purchased other products from me, you will not receive any access data. Just use your already existing access data for login.
  • The online training works on all devices, such as PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. An internet connection is required to access the videos. Unfortunately, the content cannot be downloaded for data protection reasons.

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