How to learn German effectively

and benefit from my years of experience as a German teacher and telc examiner!

That's in it for you:

  • You will not only learn German for everyday life in my courses. You can also prepare for the next exam with them.
  • You can benefit from my German tips that you probably never heard of in class.
  • You can actively contact me and the community through comments, so you don't have to learn by yourself.
  • You can also look forward to bonus material to help you learn German even more intensively and effectively!

Test Your Language Level!


Placement Test

If you want to know on which language level you are, start the free Deutsch1 placement test now and find out in a few minutes if you are on A1, A2, B1, B2 or maybe even on C1 level.

You can see your result directly after the test and check where you made mistakes.

Get started right away!

Prepare with me for your B2 exam

You're writing your B2 exam soon, but you're still unsure and don't really know how to prepare? Don't worry, I'll help you! In my 5-week intensive B2 exam preparation course, you will study live with me and other motivated participants.

We will meet twice a week for live lessons, where I will provide you and the others with lots of exam material as well as tips and tricks.

Course start: 26.10.2022 at 6 p.m.

Cost: 345 EUR

So sign up and prepare with me for your B2 test!


Famous from



With this book you will improve your everyday German skills within 5 weeks! Here you'll find important dialogues and phrases for different everyday situations, such as:

  • at the hairdresser
  • at the office
  • at the train station
  • and much more.

In addition, there are audios, videos and even an English translation for beginners to download. So start your 5-week course with me now and pre-order "Learn German for everyday life".

Learn German in an effective and smart way!

With the best learning methods on the market!

The smart way to learn German!

Learning Videos

In the videos you can find explanations with pictures, English & German subtitles and many examples about a certain topic.


With audios you can work on your listening comprehension and also learn new words and thus expand your vocabulary.


Learning German also includes speaking and correct pronunciation. You can train these with videos and audio exercises.


The PDF worksheets after most videos, help you to test your knowledge and also give you a short summary of the topic.


The quizzes after a lesson are a mini-milestone for you, where you can test your learned knowledge and get a direct feedback.


When you finish the course and pass your final test, you will receive a deutsch1 certificate for your hard work! You can be proud of yourself!

When learning German is fun

... and remains in mind in a smart way!

Learn German every day - together with me


On TikTok, I explain the German language to you daily with entertaining videos and learning tips. I help you to expand your vocabulary and offer you useful everyday phrases. All that in less than a minute! Join the TikTok family and be part of this great community!


You can also learn with me on Instagram. In addition to the videos, I also do regular stories here where you can get to know me better, take part in quizzes and practice your listening comprehension. So If you want to get to know me better join me on Instagram!


On YouTube, I now also have a channel that is growing steadily. Here you get longer videos on vocabulary, grammar and everyday German. Stay tuned, because many more fun and educational videos are coming for you in the future!

What German learners say about my courses

Clara's German courses are detailed but still short and sweet! The worksheets offer a great recap of each topic. I highly recommend her courses!
Ein toller Online-Deutschkurs. Ich arbeite und habe nicht viel Zeit. Hier konnte ich schnell und flexibel Deutsch lernen.
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Kurs. Ich habe schnell gelernt und auch meinen Test bestanden. Jetzt möchte ich mit Deutsch1 weiterlernen!

More than 3000 happy students,

... who have reached their language goals with deutsch1!

Who is Clara?

I am a passionate German teacher and helping you to learn this language with ease and fun is my mission! Benefit from my experience:

  • of over 9 years of professional experience
  • as a certified telc examiner
  • of my Master's degree in German, English and Romance studies
  • as a Translator
  • as a Language enthusiast - other languages Romanian, English, Italian

All Courses

A1 Course

The A1 course is for you if you are just getting started learning German, or if you are at a higher level but would like to review.

  • Learning Videos with Englisch subtitles
  • Audios
  • PDF - Worksheets
  • Quiz
  • English subtitles
  • A1 Final Exam
  • NEW: Extra tasks after specific chapters (with comment function where you can interact with me and the community)
  • estimated course duration: about 3 months

only 43 EUR/monthly (3 months minimum term)


129 EUR/lifetime

  • Safe order & payment

B1 Course

This course is for you if you have already done A1 and A2 and want to continue learning and maybe even prepare for the next exam.

  • Learning, pronunciation & vocabulary videos with German & English subtitles
  • Videos with German & English Subtitles
  • PDF - Worksheets & Quizzes  
  • Quiz
  • B1 Final Exam
  • Training workbook "B1 Sprachbausteine"
  • Extramaterial, being released
  • NEW: Extra tasks after specific chapters (with comment function where you can interact with me an the community)
  • NEW: Additional exercises in the videos
  • estimated course duration: about 3 months

only 55 EUR/monthly (3 months minimum term)


159 EUR/lifetime

  • Safe order & payment


In the Premium Package you will find all courses, workbooks and model tests. You also get bonus material and once a month we meet for live lessons where I can answer your questions.

  • A1 + A2 + B1 + NEW: B2 Courses
  • All contents from all courses
  • Quizzes
  • German and English subtitles (from B2 only German)
  • 4 Final Exams
  • Training workbook "B1 + B2 language modules"
  • Extramaterial, being released
  • NEW: Additional exercises in the videos
  • Future courses and material

nur 89 EUR/mon (3 months minimum term)


359 EUR/Lifetime instead of 742 EUR

  • Safe order & payment

A2 Course

This course is for you if you have a basic knowledge of German and would like to reach your next level or review some important topics.

  • Learning & pronunciation videos with German & English subtitles
  • Audios with vocabulary exercises
  • PDF - Worksheets
  • Quiz
  • German and English subtitles
  • A2 Final Exam
  • NEW: Extra tasks after specific chapters (with comment function where you can interact with me and the community)
  • estimated course duration: about 3 months

only 43 EUR/monthly (3 months minimum term)


129 EUR/lifetime

  • Safe order & payment

B2 Course

You want to study or work in Germany? Then you need the B2 certificate. With this course you can prepare for the B2 exam!

  • Learning & pronunciation videos with German & English subtitles
  • Audios with vocabulary exercises
  • PDF - Worksheets
  • Quiz
  • A2 Final Exam
  • NEW: Extra tasks after specific chapters (with comment function where you can interact with me and the community)
  • Extramaterial, being released
  • Additional exercises in the videos
  • Dialoge videos, for the preparation of the B2 exam
  • Exam preparation videos with tips and tricks
  • B2 model letters and a model application
  • Complete B2 model test (*after telc)
  • estimated course duration: about 4 months

only 83 EUR/monthly (3 months minimum term)


325 EUR/lifetime

  • Safe order & payment

Frequently asked questions

  • In the store, select the course you want to have. At the checkout you can then choose whether you want to buy it once or monthly in a subscription (minimum term 3 months).

  • You will receive an e-mail. There you have to click on "Create password" to log in. Once you have done this, you will be taken directly to your course.
  • The course starts right after your registration/payment and ends only when you cancel your subscription! Or it ends when you want, if you bought the course with a one-time payment. (Attention! Keep in mind that the minimum contract term for a monthly payment is 3 months.)
  • No. If you want to access another course, you need to subscribe to that course. To do this, you can cancel your subscription to the course you have subscribed to currently.
  • To do this, go to your account, select "Access/Course Access" on the left, then click on the three dots (...) on the far right and select "Turn off course emails". Then you will no longer get notifications after the quiz.
  • A basic level of English is helpful when it comes to the vocabulary lists in the PDF worksheets. The videos are in German (but with English or German and English subtitles, if you need them).

Over 3000 happy students

... who reached their language goals!

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