Master the German pronunciation with ease

Unleash your full language potential and impress with a perfect pronunciation

The ultimate pronunciation course for your success:

  • Career Opportunities:

    A clear German pronunciation promotes career success, as it exudes professionalism and competence. In international companies, German is often an important business language, expanding your career opportunities.

  • Effective communication:

    With a good pronunciation, you communicate more effectively with colleagues, customers, and business partners. Misunderstandings are avoided, which facilitates collaboration and improves your ability to communicate your ideas accurately.

  • Integration and intercultural relations:

    A good pronunciation helps with the integration into German-speaking society. Positive intercultural relationships are fostered, leading to a larger social network.

What do you find in the pronunciation course?

10-step learning process

Discover the special features of the Deutsch1 pronunciation course! Master German pronunciation in just 10 steps - perfectly tuned for your success! Speak like a real native speaker and impress everyone with your confidence!

Bonus workbook + 4 bonus lessons

As an added bonus, you'll receive our exclusive workbook + 4 bonus lessons! Perfectly tailored, they allow you to learn more easily and effectively. With our 1+4 bonuses, your learning progress will be accelerated tremendously. Turn knowledge into skills!

Great pronunciation test

The highlight: our great pronunciation test! Find out exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie so that you can work on your pronunciation. This test helps you to improve continuously - until you have a perfect German pronunciation. Maximize your success!

Why good pronunciation is so important for you

I speak from experience, because my family and I emigrated to Germany ourselves and we realized that it is not enough to master the grammar to achieve certain professional and personal goals here. An accent-free pronunciation opens many doors.

And that's exactly what I want you to experience with my pronunciation course. Because I know that there is a lot more potential in you as well as your language skills and that you can still achieve a lot here! The right pronunciation is just the beginning.

Problems that can arise with unclear pronunciation

  1. Misunderstandings: Unclear pronunciation can lead to misunderstandings, as others may have difficulties understanding you. This could result in important information being lost or communication errors. 
  2. Misjudgment: If your pronunciation is difficult to understand, others may misjudge your language level or have doubts about your ability to communicate. This could lead to misjudgment in professional and personal relationships.
  3. Limited professional opportunities: In many professions, a clear and understandable pronunciation is essential, especially if you need to communicate frequently with clients, business partners, or colleagues. An unclear pronunciation could limit your career opportunities or exclude you from certain positions or projects.
  4. Social withdrawal: If you feel insecure because of your pronunciation, you might withdraw in social situations or become less active in conversations. This could keep you from making new friends or feeling comfortable in new environments.
  5. Lack of cultural integration: Poor pronunciation may make it more difficult for you to integrate into German-speaking communities. As a result, you might not be able to fully benefit from the cultural experiences and advantages that come with a good command of the language.
  6. Self-awareness issues: Being aware of your unclear pronunciation could cause self-doubt and insecurity, which could negatively affect your self-confidence and self-perception.

Good pronunciation - The key to more self-confidence and success!

Even if you have mastered the rules of the German language and have a high level of fluency, others may not understand you because your accent is probably still too strong. Maybe you have withdrawn yourself and don't dare to speak properly with others. With a few tricks and exercises you can easily solve this problem. And I'll help you with expert knowledge so that you can soon hold conversations in German confidently and without inhibitions.

10 simple steps to master German pronunciation in the shortest poerid of time



What are the different vowels and why are they pronounced differently? What are the pronunciation rules and exceptions?


The umlauts "ö", "ä" and "ü"

What are the secret tips & tricks to finally pronounce the umlauts correctly? It's easier than you might think ;)


The "r"

How do you pronounce the "r" in different terms and what simple trick is there to learn the correct pronunciation of this sound?


The "ch"

How do you pronounce the ich & ach-sound and what are the five pronunciation variations? What are the rules?


The "s"

When do you pronounce a sharp, voiceless "s" and when a voiced one? With the most important rules and exceptions.


The sounds "sh", "st" & "sp"

How do you pronounce these sounds and what are the exceptions? Why are "sp" and "st" not always pronounced the same way?


The "h"

How do you pronounce the "h" correctly in German and what are the rules for the voiced and unvoiced "h".


The plosives "p", "t", "k" & "b", "d", "g"

What are the characteristics of these sounds and how do you end up pronouncing them to sound like a native speaker?


Intonation/speech melody

How does your intonation/speech melody sound more German and authentic? You need to know these rules.


Speaking like a native speaker in colloquial German

How do Germans actually speak on the street? What are the peculiarities and what else do you need to know about colloquial pronunciation?

BONUS: Workbook

FREE (worth: 19 €)

With the workbook you will receive tailored exercises that will make your learning process more effective and thus simplify your knowledge of the pronunciation.

BONUS: 4 Intense Lessons

FREE (worth: 99 €)

With the 4 additional lessons you will achieve an intensive learning success, with the best hacks around the German pronunciation. Turn your knowledge into skills.

Great Pronunciation Test

FREE (worth: 29 €)

With the pronunciation test you can recognize your weaknesses and work on them specifically and perfect them. So that you soon sound like a native speaker.

Get the recognition you deserve!

When I tell people that I don't have German roots, they are always surprised because they don't hear any accent from me. And you deserve this recognition, too! You've already invested so much time in learning German; with this pronunciation course, you'll put the finishing touches on it and surprise everyone with perfect pronunciation!

My mission

My goal is to teach the German language to as many people as possible in a simple, entertaining and engaging way. I am convinced that learning the language as well as a correct pronunciation brings valuable advantages in professional and private life. In addition to increased self-confidence, it also enables one to make contacts quickly and increase career opportunities.

I have been working as a German teacher, examiner and pronunciation trainer for 11 years, and this experience has shown me which methods are the keys to rapid learning success. But for me, it goes far beyond just mastering grammar.

My desire is for you to be able to converse in German with ease and confidence in everyday life and at work. The German language should no longer be an obstacle for you, but a stepping stone to a better life here in Germany.

Let's walk this path together and celebrate your well-deserved success at the end!

Frequently asked questions:

  • Basic German knowledge is required for you to follow the explanations in the video.

  • For all who want to work on their German pronunciation. For all those who no longer want to be afraid of conversations with others and want to speak an "authentic" German way.
  • There are two payment models - one-time payment and subscription. If you choose the one-time payment, you will have unlimited access to the course for as long as you want. If you decide to subscribe, you have to consider a minimum term of 3 months, after that you can cancel at any time. With the cancellation, your access is then also terminated.
  • After your purchase, you will receive an email with your access information to my protected member area. There you can immediately work through the online course and start implementing what you have learned. If you have already purchased other products from me, you will not receive any access data. Just use your already existing access data for login.
  • The online training works on all devices, such as PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. An internet connection is required to access the videos. Unfortunately, the content cannot be downloaded for data protection reasons.
  • With an authentic German pronunciation you will be able to speak and communicate more confidently.
  • Whether shopping, eating out or traveling, you'll feel confident in your everyday life as you'll be able to communicate effortlessly with locals.

  • Having your German skills recognized by native speakers will give you a sense of belonging and pride.
  • Once you have mastered pronunciation, your language learning process will accelerate as you can now focus on more complex language aspects
  • With a clear debate, new professional perspectives and opportunities can arise.

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