Take your German to the next level!

Boost your language skills in the A2 course.

You have successfully completed the A1 course! Then continue right away with the A2 course! Here you will learn new grammar topics and get lots of exercises!


You already have some knowledge of German and would like to improve it? You need German for everyday life and would like to be able to talk to native speakers? Then this is the right course for you! Here you will learn relevant grammar, many new words and important phrases to express yourself correctly in everyday life.



What you can expect from this course?

  • + 80 Videos and Audios
  • + 75 PDF-Worksheets
  • Videos with every day dialogs
  • Vocabulary Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Audios, to improve your listening comprehension skills
  • pronunciation exercises
  • NEW: INSELN after the chapter, where you can solve tasks in the comments and interact with the other course participants and me
  • A2 Final Exam
  • deutsch1 A2 Certificate

German with Clara

Improve your German language skills

and start the A2 course today.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following problems and goals?

You would like to overcome the following language problems ...

  • You have understood the basic elements of German grammar, but have difficulties speaking German
  • In everyday life you still have problems to express yourself correctly
  • You are afraid of e.g. telephone conversations because people speak too fast and you do not understand them

You have the following wishes and goals ...

  • You would like to expand your vocabulary and be able to talk about everyday topics
  • You would like to understand more and be able to answer correctly in everyday conversations
  • You want to make and cancel your appointments in German and generally be more confident in conversations

What do you get in my courses?

Learning Videos!

In the videos you get explanations with pictures, English & German subtitles and many examples to a certain topic for an easier understanding.


With audio files you train your listening comprehension. You will also learn new words and expand your vocabulary.

PDF  Worksheets!

The downloadable PDF worksheets will help you to test your knowledge and also give you a brief summary of the topic.


Quizzes after the lessons are a mini-milestone for you, where you can test your learned knowledge and get a direct feedback.

Everyday dialogues and pronunciation training!

In the A2 course, you will not only learn everyday phrases, but you can also practice your pronunciation skills.

deutsch1 Certificate!

When you finish the course and pass your final test, you will receive a deutsch1 certificate for your hard work! Congratulations!

Improve your German language skills

and start the A2 course today.

Who is this course for?

The A2 course is for you if ...

  • you already know the basic elements of German grammar.
  • you would like to improve your German language skills and perhaps prepare for an exam.
  • you would like to repeat because you still have problems with some grammar structures.

What are your benefits after the course?

By the end of the course, you will be able to make and cancel appointments, communicate with others about various everyday topics, express yourself politely, and arrange to meet others.

Improve your German language skills

and start the A2 course today.

What my students say

Clara's German courses are detailed but still short and sweet! The worksheets offer a great recap of each topic. I highly recommend her courses!

Get your A2 German course now!

Congratulations! If you are here, it means that you have already successfully mastered the A1 course. It is important that you now keep going. The A2 course for advanced beginners is ready for you! Let's continue together so that you can reach your goal as soon as possible!

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