Invest in your future! Sign up for the B2 course and improve your career opportunities in Germany!

Speaking fluent German improves your career opportunities! Because Germany is always looking for specialized professionals! For many jobs, however, the B2 language level is essential. Good language skills not only make you more confident, but also increase your chances of getting a job that suits you.


You want to find a job in Germany. Maybe you are in the middle of the application phase or even preparing for the B2 exam. Then this course is just right for you. Here you will not only get practical exercises and videos on the topic of applying for a job in Germany, but also a lot of preparatory material for the B2 exam. You can also look forward to this content:

  • + 100 videos & audios
  • + 90 PDF worksheets
  • Videos with everyday dialogues
  • Vocabulary videos
  • Quizzes
  • Pronunciation training
  • NEW: Complete B2 model test with solutions
  • NEW: Model letters (application, complaint, inquiry)
  • NEW: Lots of material for exam preparation
  • NEW: Exercises in the videos
  • NEW: Extra material
  • NEW: INSELN after the chapters, where you can solve homework in the comments and exchange ideas with other course participants and me
  • B2 final test
  • aproximate course duration: ca. 4 months (but you choose your learning pace)

German with Clara

Improve your career prospects 

with better German skills!

What do you get in my courses?

Learning Videos!

In the videos you get grammar and vocabulary explanations with pictures & German subtitles!


With audio files you train your listening comprehension. You will also learn new words and expand your vocabulary.

PDF Worksheets + Homework!

The downloadable PDF worksheets give you an overview of the topic and some more exercises. Plus you get homework, that you have to write in the comments, so that I can correct them for you.


Quizzes after the lessons are a mini-milestone for you, where you can test your learned knowledge and get a direct feedback.

Everyday dialogues and pronunciation training!

In the B2 course, you will not only learn everyday phrases, but you can also practice your pronunciation.

Model test!

In this course you will get a lot of exam preparation material for the B2 test including a model test with solutions!

Improve your chances for a great job

by improving your German skills!

What my students say

Ein toller Online-Deutschkurs. Ich arbeite und habe nicht viel Zeit. Hier konnte ich schnell und flexibel Deutsch lernen.
Ich mag Claras Methoden und ich lerne viel in den Kursen. Es ist toll, dass wir so viel Extramaterial und Übungen bekommen. Ich habe in den deutsch1 Kursen viel gelernt. Und ich freue mich weiterzulernen!

Get your B2 course now!

Imagine how it feels to speak fluent German and find a job, that suits you and your training or studies! Language is the key! So sign up for the B2 German course and invest in your future.

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